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OCarolan for Everyone : Keith Hinchliffe

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The basic layout is an easy-to-intermediate (approximately grades 4 to 5) guitar version, designed to be usable also for keyboard, instrumental duet or larger groups.
The chord names above the music give simplified accompaniments that can be played instead of or in addition to the full bass lines. The chords can be used for second guitar parts, for keyboard chord vamping or for accompaniment‰ÛÓsingle note or chord‰ÛÓon any other instrument.
For musicians less used to reading low leger lines, every chord name matches the bass note given at the that point in the full notation. Where a secondary note is indicated after the chord name, for example D/F#, the second note is the one that actually appears in the bass line. Chord accompanists can play or ignore these extra notes.
There is a modest amount of fingering and other information to help solo guitarists. Apart from that, these are flexible arrangements, leaving space for different kinds of filling-out according to the instruments used. There are no ‰Û÷official‰۪ harmonies to Carolan‰۪s tunes.

  • Blind Mary
  • Bridget Cruise, third air
  • Captain O‰۪Kane
  • Carolan‰۪s Draught
  • Carolan‰۪s Dream
  • Carolan‰۪s Farewell to Music
  • Carolan‰۪s Quarrel with the Landlady
  • Clergy‰۪s Lamentation, The
  • Cremonea
  • Dolly McDonough
  • Dr John Stafford or Carolan‰۪s Receipt
  • Edward Corcoran
  • Eleanor Plunkett
  • Fanny Power
  • Frank Palmer
  • Henry MacDermott Roe
  • Hewlett
  • Hugh Kelly
  • Hugh O‰۪Donnell
  • James Plunkett
  • John Drury, first air
  • John Drury, second air
  • John O‰۪Connor
  • Kean O‰۪Hara, first air
  • Kean O‰۪Hara, third air
  • Kitty Magennis
  • Lamentation of Owen Roe O‰۪Neill, The
  • Lament for Owen O‰۪Rourke
  • Lament for Terence MacDonough
  • Lord Inchiquin
  • Mabel Kelly
  • Mervyn Pratt
  • Michael O‰۪Connor, second air
  • Miss MacMurray
  • Morgan Magan
  • Mr Malone
  • Mrs Anne MacDermott Roe
  • Mrs Bermingham, first air
  • Mrs O‰۪Neill of Carlane
  • Mrs Power or Carolan‰۪s Concerto
  • Ode to Whiskey
  • One Bottle More
  • O‰۪Reilly of Athcarne
  • O‰۪Rourkes‰۪ Feast, The
  • Planxty Burke
  • Planxty Crilly
  • Planxty Irwin
  • Planxty Sweeney
  • Planxty Wilkinson
  • Separation of Soul and Body
  • Sheebeg and Sheemore
  • Sir Arthur Shaen
  • Sir Ulrick Burke
  • Squire Wood‰۪s Lamentation
  • Thomas Burke

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