Nick Barber's English Choice : Nick Barber -
Nick Barber's English Choice : Nick Barber -

Nick Barber's English Choice : Nick Barber

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What are the one hundred best session tunes? Ask a group of traditional musicians that question and you will provoke a great deal of thought, and, of course, end up with a completely different answer from each one.

There is such an amazing wealth and variety of tunes out there, constantly shifting as they pass from person to person, medium to medium; song tunes, dance tunes, marches, polkas, waltzes, love songs, ancient tunes, dirges, made up tunes, sad tunes...

Nick Barber has been part of traditional English music sessions up and down the country for many years. Recently he has been spotted playing melodeon, horn and recorder a bit less and asking about tunes a bit more. His copious scribbled notes have resulted in this tune book.

The tunes are accurately transcribed, referring to original sources wherever possible. Also included is information about each tune, with Nick’s choice of chords suitable for squeezebox and guitar players alike.

If you’d like to join in with the delights of sharing tunes with others in an English session, this book is a good reference point. Every tune is a gem, tried and tested not just by Nick on melodeon and his wife Mary on fiddle, but by generations of players who, over the years, have made the tunes what they are.

  • Alexandra Park
  • All in a Garden Green
  • Anything for John Joe
  • Aye Me
  • Battle of Prague
  • Bear Dance
  • Beatrice Hill’s Three-Handed Reel
  • Bill Hall’s No. 1
  • Bill Hall’s No. 2
  • Black Nag
  • Bonny Kate
  • Captain Lanoe’s Quick March
  • Centenary March
  • Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
  • Doctor Fausters’ Tumblers
  • Dusty Miller, The
  • Enrico
  • Fair Jenny
  • Foul Weather Call
  • Four Seasons
  • From Night Till Morn
  • Ganglat fran Appelbo
  • Ganivelle
  • Gloucestershire Hornpipe
  • Grandfather’s Tune
  • Green Mountain Petronella
  • Gypsies’ Hornpipe
  • Harper’s Frolick
  • Herbert the Sherbert
  • Horses Brawl
  • Hunt the Squirrel
  • Iron Legs
  • Jamaic
  • Jeannet and Jeannot
  • Just as the Tide Was Flowing
  • Kerry Mills Barn Dance
  • Kershaws
  • King’s Polka
  • Last of June
  • Le Canal en Octobre
  • Lemmie Brazil’s No. 2
  • Lodge Roa
  • London Schottische
  • Long Odds
  • Lovely Nancy
  • Mad Moll of the Cheshire Hunts
  • March des Cabrettaires
  • Michael Turner’s Jig
  • Michael Turner’s Waltz
  • Midnight on the Water
  • Miss Richards’ Hornpipe
  • Mundess
  • Nipper
  • Old Lancashire Reel
  • Once I Loved a Maiden Fair
  • One More Dance and Then
  • Oscar Woods' Jig
  • Oscar Woods’ Polka
  • Pepper in the Brandy
  • Plane Tree, The
  • Portobello
  • Prince William
  • Quarter Brawl
  • Recovery
  • Redowa Polka
  • Rochdale Coconut Dance
  • Rogues’ March
  • Rufty Tufty
  • Scan Tester’s Polka No. 1
  • Scan Tester’s Polka No. 2
  • Schottis fran Idre
  • Serpentiner och Konfetti
  • Seven Stars
  • Sir Sidney Smith’s March
  • Sloe, The
  • Sonny Brogan’s Mazurka
  • Spaniard, The
  • Spirit of the Dance
  • Sportsman’s Hornpipe
  • Staffordshire Hornpipe
  • Steamboat Hornpipe
  • Sun Assembly
  • Swiss Boy
  • Centenary March
  • Three Around Three
  • Three Rusty Swords
  • Tip Top Polka
  • Varsoviana
  • Wals voor Polle
  • Walter Bulwer’s Polka No. 1
  • Walter Bulwer’s Polka No. 2
  • Waterloo Dance
  • Weavers’ March
  • When Daylight Shines
  • Will You Patch My Pants for Me?
  • Worcestershire Hornpipe
  • Young May Moon

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