Mally's North West Morris Book CD: Carolyn Wade -

Mally's North West Morris Book CD: Carolyn Wade

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This is the CD to accompany the book by the same name.

It is popular and sensible for budding musicians to elect to play for a morris side as soon as they have mastered the basic techniques of a recently acquired instrument. This ensures the encouragement and assistance necessary during the difficult early days and prevents a waning of interest by providing an outlet for their new-found ability.
Here is a collection of tunes, all suitable for North-West morris; they are all currently in use by various sides. Its purpose is to give musicians, new to the genre, a convenient source of material. Tunes for North-West morris differ from their Cotswold counterparts in that one particular tune is not tied to one particular dance, any tune which suits the dance can be selected which is usually a nice simple country dance tune.
Thus this book's contents provide an excellent selection of simple to moderate tunes for the beginner and also for use in a country dance band, as well as the intended application. Together with the soundtrack to bring the dots to life this package is ideal for the inexperienced musician wanting to progress in traditional music.
The tunes are clearly written in large note music in a simple but accurate form. Chord arrangements are shown, all of which are suitable for both melodeon, piano accordion and guitar.

  • Aiken Drum 
  • Balquhidder Lasses 
  • Boatman's Dance 
  • Bobby Shaftoe 
  • Bonnets o' Blue 
  • Brighton Camp 
  • British Grenadiers 
  • Camptown Races 
  • Castleton Garland 
  • Clegg Lane 
  • Clow Bank 
  • Cock of the North 
  • Corn Rigs 
  • D' Ye Ken John Peel? 
  • Davy Davy Knick Knack 
  • Donkey Riding 
  • Flowers of Edinburgh 
  • Garry Owen 
  • Girl with the Blue Dress On Grandfather's Tune 
  • Happy Farmer 
  • Huntsmens' Chorus 
  • Jenny Lind 
  • John of Paris 
  • Knick Knack Paddy Whack 
  • Lass of Richmond Hill 
  • Moston Rush Cart 
  • Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre 
  • Muses 
  • My Love, My Love 
  • Nancy Dawson 
  • Oh! Susanna 
  • Oldham Rant 
  • Oyster Girl 
  • Prestwich Wakes 
  • Rakes of Mallow 
  • Rattle the Cash 
  • Rattlin' Bog Ribbon Dance 
  • Robbie Hobkirk's Polka 
  • Rochdale Coconut Dance 
  • Rose Tree 
  • Rosin the Beau 
  • Rush Cart Lads 
  • Salmon Tails 
  • Scotland the Brave 
  • Shepton Hornpipe 
  • Soldiers' Joy 
  • Three Sea Captains 
  • Tight Little Island 
  • Uncle Bernard's 
  • Walter Bulwer's Polka 
  • Wha Saw the Forty Twa? 
  • Wi' a Hundred Pipers 
  • William Brown 
  • Winster Gallop 
  • Young May Moon

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