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100 Enduring Irish Session Tunes

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This book of Irish session tunes diverges from the usual pattern in that the emphasis is not on the reels. Loosely speaking, the jigs and reels found in this book are the next most popular after those found in 100 Essential Irish Session Tunes. Another major feature of this book is the prominence given to the various other types of tune, such as slides, set dances, hornpipes etc. They always come a poor third to reels and jigs, but they constantly crop up in the sessions with such a significant frequency that they cannot be ignored. There are hornpipes, marches, a strong selection of jigs, some slip jigs and one or two other well-known melodies to spice up your repertoire.
100 tunes (14 hornpipes, 15 slides, 34 jigs, 23 reels and 14 miscellaneous tunes) with chords, classified and alphabetical (with alternative titles) indexes.

Important note from Mally
The tune settings in this book are all 'session friendly', i.e. you can learn them exactly as written and know that you will have a perfectly acceptable version. However, I consider it unwise to learn a tune from only one source and I would suggest strongly that, when learning a new tune, you pay heed to settings in other books, on recordings and what you hear down the pub. It is important to note that the settings in this book are greatly influenced by the instrument I play, the D/G melodeon. I've made a conscious effort to allow this to happen in order to give the book its own unique character. The list below would constitute an excellent nucleus towards forming a valuable Irish music library, many of them are available from mally.com. When choosing books, take care not to be put off by the title; some of the best sources of tunes are from tuition books. Just because the book cover says 'Learn to Play the Banjo', don't think it's of no use if you play the tin whistle.
Books will only help you to learn the notes of a tune. To pick up the rhythm of Irish music you must devote a large amount of time listening to both recordings and live musicians. Of greatest importance, you must practise; the value of these books is directly proportional to the number of hours a day you spend practising.


  • Anything for Jonjo?åÊ
  • Blackthorn ReelåÊ
  • ClooneåÊ
  • Craig's PipesåÊ
  • Croghan HillåÊ
  • Fermoy LassesåÊ
  • Flowers of EdinburghåÊ
  • Green Groves of ErinåÊ
  • High Road to LintonåÊ
  • Hills of ClogheråÊ
  • Hunter's HouseåÊ
  • Johnny Cronin's FancyåÊ
  • Johnny MacclejohnåÊ
  • Lad O'Beirne'såÊ
  • Lucy CampbellåÊ
  • Mason's ApronåÊ
  • New CopperplateåÊ
  • O'Rourke'såÊ
  • Otter's HoltåÊ
  • Reel of RioåÊ
  • Sunny BanksåÊ
  • Swallow's TailåÊ
  • Trim the Velvet
  • Bill Harte'såÊ
  • Boys of the Town Bride's FavouriteåÊ
  • Connie O'Connell'såÊ
  • Cook in the KitchenåÊ
  • EavesdropperåÊ
  • Fasten the Leggin'åÊ
  • Frieze BritchesåÊ
  • Gander in the Pratie HoleåÊ
  • Garrett Barry'såÊ
  • Gillian's ApplesåÊ
  • Gold RingåÊ
  • Hag at the ChurnåÊ
  • Humours of EnnistymonåÊ
  • KilfenoraåÊ
  • Knights of Saint PatrickåÊ
  • LegacyåÊ
  • Lilting FishermanåÊ
  • Maid in the MeadowåÊ
  • Mooncoin JigåÊ
  • Old Joe'såÊ
  • Pipe on the Hob no. 1åÊ
  • Pipe on the Hob no. 2åÊ
  • Rambling PitchforkåÊ
  • Rose in the HeatheråÊ
  • Strike the Gay HarpåÊ
  • Tobin's FavouriteåÊ
  • Tommy Peoples'åÊ
  • Tone Rowe'såÊ
  • Trip to the Cottage Tune the FiddleåÊ
  • Whelan'såÊ
  • When Sick, is it TeaåÊ
  • Willie Coleman's
  • City of SavannahåÊ
  • Cronin'såÊ
  • Delahunty'såÊ
  • Flowing TideåÊ
  • GalwayåÊ
  • Golden EagleåÊ
  • Home RuleråÊ
  • King of the FairiesåÊ
  • Kitty's WeddingåÊ
  • Little BeggarmanåÊ
  • Rights of ManåÊ
  • Stack of BarleyåÊ
  • Stack of WheatåÊ
  • Sunshine
  • Dan O'Keeffe's no. 1åÊ
  • Dan O'Keeffe's no. 2åÊ
  • ClogåÊ
  • Connie Walsh'såÊ
  • Denis Murphy'såÊ
  • Going to the Well for Water John Kelly'såÊ
  • Johnny Mickey'såÊ
  • Kathleen O'HehiråÊ
  • Lonesome Road to DingleåÊ
  • Old FavouriteåÊ
  • PÌÁdraig O'Keeffe'såÊ
  • Road to LisdoonvarnaåÊ
  • SiobhÌÁn Hurl'såÊ
  • Star above the Garter
  • BlackbirdåÊ
  • Boys of BallisodareåÊ
  • Brian Boru's MarchåÊ
  • Butterfly Carolan's ConcertoåÊ
  • Give me your HandåÊ
  • Halting MarchåÊ
  • Hardiman the FiddleråÊ
  • HewlettåÊ
  • Hunt Kid on the MountainåÊ
  • O'Neill's CavalcadeåÊ
  • Sonny's MazurkaåÊ
  • Whinny Hills of Leitrim


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