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100 Popular Irish Session Tunes

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Mally says "The tune settings in this book are all ‰Û÷session friendly‰۪, i.e. you can learn them exactly as written and know that you will have a perfectly acceptable version. However, I consider it unwise to learn a tune from only one source and I would suggest strongly that, when learning a new tune, you pay heed to other books, recordings and live performances. It is important to note that the settings in this book are greatly influenced by the instrument I play, the D/G melodeon (an accordion system rarely found in Irish music circles - B/C and C sharp/D are the norm). I‰۪ve made a conscious effort to allow this to happen in order to give the book its own unique character. When choosing books, take care not to be put off by the title; some of the best sources of tunes are from tuition books. Just because the book cover says ‰Û÷Learn to Play the Banjo‰۪, don‰۪t think it‰۪s of no use if you play the tin whistle.

Books will only help you to learn the notes of a tune. To pick up the rhythm of Irish music you must devote a large amount of time listening to both recordings and live musicians. Of greatest importance, you must practise; the value of this book is directly proportional to the number of hours a day you spend practising.

Chord arrangements are more or less as played on the soundtrack, but nevertheless, are only suggestions. The dominant chords (i.e. D in the key of G, A in the key of D and E in the key of A etc.) throughout this book are noted as plain major chords, whereas many musicians prefer to play the seventh (D7, A7, E7 etc.). Feel free to play either type of chord as the mood takes you.

Suggested ornamentation has been kept to a minimum and is indicated by the symbol ~."

  • Ambrose Maloney's
  • Bag of Potatoes, The
  • Belles of Tipperary, The
  • Boys of Malin, The
  • Castle Kelly
  • Colonel Frazer
  • Dairy Maid, The
  • Dinkie's
  • Drunken Tinker, The
  • Dublin Reel, The
  • Eel in the Sink, The
  • Farewell to Erin
  • First Month of Summer, The
  • Foxhunters' Reel
  • Galtee Rangers
  • Gatehouse Maid, The
  • George White's Fancy
  • Green Mountain, The
  • Jackson's
  • Jenny Picking Cockles
  • Kilrush Polka No. 1, The
  • Kilrush Polka No. 2, The
  • King of the Clans
  • Laington's
  • Liffey Banks, The
  • Lucky in Love
  • Mamma's Pet
  • Mayor Harrison's Fedora
  • McDonagh's
  • McFadden's Handsome Daughter
  • Michael Creamer's
  • Michael Reilly's
  • Milliner's Daughter, The
  • Molloy's
  • Monsignor's Blessing
  • Mountain Top, The
  • Mullingar Races
  • Music in the Glen
  • My Love and I in the Garden
  • Paddy Cronin's
  • Peter Street
  • Piper's Despair, The
  • Rattigan's
  • Reconciliation, The
  • Red Haired Lass, The
  • Stenson's
  • Stoney Steps, The
  • Swinging on a Gate
  • Tom Ward's Downfall
  • Union Reel, The
  • Volunteer, The
  • Bank of Turf, The
  • Bill Collins'
  • Brian O'Lynn
  • Bush on the Hill, The
  • Butchers' March, The
  • Come Have a Drink With Me
  • Con Cassidy's
  • Get Up Old Woman and Shake
  • Hole in the Hedge, The
  • Jerry's Beaver Hat
  • Kinnegad Slashers
  • Leg of the Duck, The
  • Leitrim Fancy
  • Old Man Dillon
  • Orphan, The
  • Paddy Taylor's
  • Rambler, The
  • Richard Brennan's Favourite
  • Rose's Delight
  • Scatter the Mud
  • Seamus Cooley's
  • Sliabh Russell
  • Trip to Sligo, A
  • Visit to Ireland, A
  • Byrne's
  • Derry, The
  • High Level, The
  • Poppy Leaf, The
  • Showman‰۪s Fancy
  • Annaghbeg, The
  • Gullane No. 2, The
  • Johnny O'Leary's
  • Many a Wild Night
  • Pete Bradleys
  • Timmy O'Connors
  • Ceanngulla, The
  • Con Carthy's Favourite
  • Dan Cronin's
  • Dennis Enright's
  • Glountane Frolics
  • Kishkeam, The
  • Scart, The
Slip Jigs
  • Ceanngulla, The
  • Con Carthy's Favourite
  • Dan Cronin's
  • Dennis Enright's
  • Glountane Frolics
  • Kishkeam, The
  • Scart, The
Barn Dances
  • Hills of Tara, The
  • Peach Blossoms

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