Captain of the Lost Waves - Hidden Gems Chapter 2 CD
Captain of the Lost Waves - Hidden Gems Chapter 2 CD

Captain of the Lost Waves - Hidden Gems Chapter 2 CD

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The hedonistic aroma of flamboyance and the fragrance of honest sawdust fills the surrounding air as you sit and reflect upon the grand treasure chest that has been opened with an enjoyable sweep of the arm and a gesture that pronounces with fervour that the parade continues, that in this second chapter of Hidden Gems, this is one that truly lives up to its predecessor and deserves the big top moment to which it has been created for.

Dare to believe that the high wire in which the intrepid Captain Of The Lost Waves strides upon as each track plays out to the audience will hold, for in each exhaled excited breath, in each recognition of gasp and fortunes braved, the wire doesn’t just stay beneath the feet of this intrepid musical explorer, it turns and flexes like a muscle intent on showing the dexterity of the one who set their sights on creating magic.

It is in the return of Captain Of The Lost Waves that all is seen and felt to be serene, not plain sailing, such a notion would mean that the album has captured no regard for the imagination and drive that has been focused upon, instead it is an album that is full sail, all oars out and the sea in which it traverses one in which carries with it on board the full company of extravaganza and performance.

It is too the credit of all involved on the album that the music is exceptional, that the lyrics drive home the appearance of modern vaudeville, and that heady aroma is more than just enticing, it is the epitome of absolute welcome, the sign above the tent in which the music is playing is ablaze with colour and recognition of the star in which this particular captain has set his sights upon.

Across songs and decorated cinematic inserts such as Berlin Between The Wars, the excellent January, Mr Hollywood, Earworm and PantomimeCircus of Morality reveals itself, each act introduced as though, and rightly, they are the star of the show. In this effect of emphasising and underlining the importance to the whole, the song becomes the ring master, the crowd and the band in a way that can only be called dramatic and special.

Hidden Gems-Chapter 2: Circus of Morality is not only an album which flies its flag prominently, it is one that stresses the importance of creativity, a ship that sails under a captain who understand this is one whose honour must be saluted.

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